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Pretty Little Liars, Charmed, Harry Potter, Stock.

SPOILER: I have revealed the identities of 2 A's from Pretty Little Liars. If you don't know the first 2 who were revealed, don't look.

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Dec. 4th, 2012

Sig tags and icons for Land of Art's Christmas phase.

Total icons: 2
Total sig tags: 10

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Colour bars
[3] Stock
[1] Hermione Granger
[1] Daleks

[1] Elphaba
[3] Harry Potter films
[1] Amy Pond
[1] Mixture
[6] Charmed (multiple episodes from seasons 3 and 4)
[1] Pretty Little Liars (3x10 What Lies Beneath)
[7] Stock

Friends Only
[1] Once Upon A Time (Snow and Regina, season 1)
[1] Pretty Little Liars (Promo photo)
[1] Charmed (promo photo)
[1] Wicked (Elphaba)

[3] Charmed (3x04 All Halliwells Eve, multiple episodes from multiple seasons)
[5] Pretty Little Liars (3x12 The Lady Killer, 1x04 Can You Hear Me Now?, 2x24 If These Dolls Could Talk, 3x01 It Happened That Night, one of Ella)

[6] Stock

[11] Pretty Little Liars (3x05 That Girl Is Poison, 2x25 UnmAsked, season 2)
[3] Harry Potter
[13] Stock
[8] Charmed (season 3 and 5)
[1] The Big Bang Theory
[1] Harry Potter
[1] The Simpsons
[2] Doctor Who (River Song, Amy Pond)
[1] Bewitched
[1] Once Upon A Time (Regina)

[1] Harry Potter
[2] Puppies
[3] Stock

[1] Harry Potter
[3] Stock
[1] Holly Marie Combs

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Spoiler Policy


I thought I'd better do one of these. If I've seen something, then I don't think of it as a spoiler but I forget that others might not have (especially since I download my favourite US shows as I don't want to wait a stupid amount of time for them to be aired in the UK) so I will try to say before the cut which seasons/episodes I've used. As I can't always remember episode names, I might not include them but I will include the seasons.

I say this because I've got a lot of graphics to post. Several from Pretty Little Liars. And some of those are MAJOR spoilers.

And index posts will always have spoilers. because that's where everything goes.

Request It post @ landofart

Request It! post @ landofart

Total # of icons made:
Total # of 10 point art:
Total # of 15 point art:
Total # of 20 point art: 10
Total # of fanvid(s):

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Ships post! 6 ships from 6 of my favourite fandoms. And yes, I am rather predictable!

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Once Upon A Time icons and a video

[20] Once Upon A Time + 1 video


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Banners for landofart

[20] Promotion banners for landofart.

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Promotion for landofart

landofart is a land comm created solely for graphic artists. It doesn't matter what you make, be it icons, picspams, wallpapers, fanmixes or a mix of everything! There are challenges for one and all types if artists! You can join one of four teams; Team Gothic, Team Pop Art, Team Renaissance & Team Steampunk, to compete in challenges and to gain team points. Plus, you can do any kind of graphics here (celebs, stock, fandom, etc) as long as it fits the challenge. JOIN TODAY!
And mention that sneakyangel recommended you.

landofart landofart landofart landofart landofart

Sigtags and icons for landofart

Sig tags and icons used at landofart. So far, I've only made ones for myself, but I will make some for others soon. (and if you feel like joining landofart - you should, it's AWESOME! - tell them sneakyangel sent you, and ask for team ren!)

Sigtags I've made for me: 5
Icons I've made for me: 5
Sigtags I've made for others: 136
Icons I've made for others: 192

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Index: LandOfArt

This is where I'll be putting all LandofArt specific things. And if you want to join landofart please say that I, sneakyangel recommended you.

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A whole bunch of stuff

I think this is most of the stuff I've entered at landofart this phase, I know there's a couple more things, and I will be sorting this post soon.

Graphics include: Doctor Who, Charmed, Harry Potter, Bewitched, Wizard of Oz, Wicked, Hair, Faeries, Unicorns, Stock and Cats

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Index: Harry Potter

All Harry Potter icons will go here. I won't be splitting them up into separate films. And publicity shots etc will be placed under the character name, for the sake of my sanity and in an attempt to make things slightly easier.

Sirius Black - 2 icons, 1 tumblr.

SiriusCollapse )

Cho Chang - 1 icon.

ChoCollapse )

Professor Albus Dumbledore - 4 icons.

DumbledoreCollapse )

Hermione Granger - 17 icons.

HermioneCollapse )

Rubeus Hagrid - 3 icons.

HagridCollapse )

Luna Lovegood - 3 icons, 1 tumblr.

LunaCollapse )

Draco Malfoy - 12 icons.

Draco MalfoyCollapse )

Lucius Malfoy - 1 icon.

Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

Professor Minerva McGonagall - 4 icons.

Head of GryffindorCollapse )

Mad-Eye Moody - 1 icon.

Mad-Eye MoodyCollapse )

Harry Potter - 14 icons, 1 banner.

HarryCollapse )

Professor Severus Snape - 3 icons.

Snape Snape Severus SnapeCollapse )

Nymphadora Tonks - 1 icon.

TonksCollapse )

Dolores Umbridge - 1 icon.

UmbridgeCollapse )

Fred or George Weasley - 1 icon.

Since I can't tell the two apart, both will go here!Collapse )

Ginny Weasley - 5 icons.

GinnyCollapse )

Ron Weasley - 16 icons.

RonCollapse )

The Weasleys - 3 icons.

Different groups of the WeasleysCollapse )

Harry and Hermione - 8 icons

Harry and HermioneCollapse )

Harry and Ron - 2 icons.

Harry and RonCollapse )

Ron and Hermione - 4 icons, 2 banners.

Ron and HermioneCollapse )

Harry, Ron and Hermione - 7 icons, 1 mini picspam.

The GangCollapse )

Severus/Lily - 2 icons.

Severus and LilyCollapse )

Other - 1 icon, 1 animation, 1 panorama, 1 tumblr.

Includes Harry's letter, Hogwarts crestsCollapse )

Index: Miscellaneous TV and Film

I've made a lot of graphics for various challenges at landofart which are from TV shows and films that I don't watch. So I'm asking for help! Please tell me where the following graphics are from! Thanks! (The ones I know I have labelled)

I have no idea!Collapse )

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 13 icons.

BuffyCollapse )

Friends - 3 icons.

FriendsCollapse )

The Big Bang Theory - 13 icons.

We built the pyramids!Collapse )

Index: Disney

The Princess And The Frog - 2 icons.

The Princess And The FrogCollapse )

The Little Mermaid - 3 icons.

Under the seaCollapse )

Mulan - 2 icons.

MulanCollapse )

Toy Story - 3 icons.

Toy StoryCollapse )


I've been going through old entries, sorting out where to put new graphics, and been getting very confused. I think my tagging system is way too complicated. What do you think? Does anyone actually use my tagging system? I was thinking about instead of having individual character names, such as doctor who: amy/rory and bewitched: tabitha stephens changing it to just the TV show/movie/musical/etc. What do you think? And have the other tags in the index posts only. What do you think?




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